Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ramen Fighter Miki

All in all a fun Anime.The art is rather plain an the characters don't have much personality.Its about 19-ish Miki Onimaru whose a delivery/poster girl for her mothers ramen shop.She is rather awful at the job and destroys a lot of Ramen.She is a vicious girl and plow down anything in her way,ranging from annoying dogs to a Ufo.
she has her enemies though including Minori the poster girl for the enemy bakery,Toshiyuki a mean dog and the man whose name she thinks is "letter of challenge".
This Anime enjoys poking fun at American Super is chock full of gags and weird fights.It has no exact plot line except break a lot of stuff, largely Ramen.
It is like an American Cartoon in the way each episode is slit into to bits.All in all i give it a 5/10 at its norm sometimes its a whole lot better sometimes worse.There is also a manga Called Noodle Fighter miki.I haven't read it yet sorry.Updates on that later.

Boring first post.

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